About us

On August 16, 2015 was held the UASB nature day, this day consisted of two trails (17 and 32 km) both registered for the MLK challenge , two mountain bike tours (30 and 50 km) and finally the second edition of the Gourmande® walk proposed jointly by the Association of Friends of Beynat and the UASB.

The hungry hikers set off on them between 9am and 11am , for groups such as 2014.

Another novelty, a country buffet was offered after the race to all participants without exception and accompanying persons who wished.

In order to optimize the success of this day, working groups have been formed in view of the fact that the president of the UASB will inevitably be less available because of his new function at the head of the municipality.

Security, radios and signalers will be managed by Patrick Veyssière. Serge Jaulin the technical service provider was in charge of the definition of the course, the race and the marking and the distribution of the lots. He was also the link with the facilitator. Communication, pre-registration, partnerships and finances are managed by Yann Lomenech, Jean-Michel Monteil, Eric Pelazza (for the website) and Nicolas Arrestier. The latter will also be responsible for refueling.

Timing was provided by Gaël Coz, Frédéric Ceaux (team to complete). Hervé and Stéphanie Nadal are respectively responsible for the sound and coordination of the inscriptions on the day J. Patrice Larivet and Alexandre Miramon take care of the VTT assisted by all interested persons and sensitive to this activity.

As for the gourmande® walk, it was organized by the volunteers of the Friends of Beynat.